Mobile brother team issued image entertainment in IOS platform as early as 2009. Many of our applications (such as face detection happy, matching wath stars, istar!) ranked at top of the list. In 2017 we will release "matching with stars" APP, which means we, the king, come back. We have development and marketing offices in both America and China. You can send email in any language to to contact us.

About the porn picture monitory of the video technology
We set up porn picture monitory in home IOS. If the user is naked or displaying the sexual organs, the application will automatically check it and disable the user’s account.

It is impossible for us to peep or/and reveal the cellphone or email you registered, any voice massage, text massage, photo or video you left in the app. Please email us immediately if you have proof of our invasion of privacy. We will contact you and reply with the dealing process and results within 24 hours.

We welcome travel firms, hotels all over the world to cooperate with us to hold the face-to-face events. Please contact the email above.